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For Organic Serbia!
‘For Organic Serbia’ is the first public education focused campaign initiated by the Tree of Life (Drvo života) Association, in order to underscore the importance of organic food for a healthier life of every individual and the importance of organic production and agriculture in Serbia for the overall economic development of our country.

A huge number of public figures have joined our initiative and have become promoters of the idea:

Maja Volk, Branislav Lečić, Nina Radulović Lečić, Siniša Ubović, Dača Ikodinović, Filip Filipović, Anita Lazić Todorović, Jelena Tomašević, Biljana Cincarević, Danijela Karić, Ilda Šaulić, Saša Kovačević, as well as renowned experts, doctors, professors and motivators, such as Prof. Dr. Nikola Čanak, Tatjana Karajanov, Dr. Ranko Rajović, Nina Martinović, etc.                                                               


1.  Available information to every citizen - on the importance of organic and raw food for the health of every person and the importance of organic cultivation of plants for economic recovery of Serbia

2.   Free education (workshops on organic planting, organic harvesting, organic fertilizers, storing and processing organic fruits and vegetables) for everyone wishing to start with organic production and agriculture

3.  Free education for children and teachers at schools - about organic and healthy nutrition

4.  Creation of an ‘organic garden’ project in primary schools

5.  Ban on processed foods and sugars in schools

6.  Possibility to choose - organic food, organic ingredients in shops, in our green markets and restaurants

7. Enhancement of organic production in our rural households, state subsidiaries and incentives for organic production

8.  Ban on import of GM foods in our country

9.  Mandatory clear labelling of origin and contents of ingredients in free sale

10. Stricter control and more severe penalties for failure to label origin and contents of products, as well as for import and distribution of GM foods

11.  Lowered taxation on organic products