Serbia against GMO - Activities

Serbia against GMO
On the 4th of December 2013 the civil initiative “Serbia without GMO” organised a peaceful protest in front of Belgrades City hall, demonstrating their discontent with the governments announcement of elaborate trade of GMO in Serbia.

“Serbia without GMO”’s representative Branko Cicic expressed the objective of the protest being to raise awareness against the technology that represents the greatest danger towards humanity. Stating that the civil initiative that he is the representative for joined with other anti GMO organisations have delivered a public appeal to Serbias president Mr. Tomislav Nikolic requesting that “  as the last resort not to sign the legislation of the law allowing cultivating, trading and transporting GMO in Serbia.”

“ GMO produce and engineering have been present for more then 20 years, manipulating the beliefs through its powerful marketing, falsely stating facts promoting growth and financial wealth while demonstrating the complete opposite, ruining crops and farmlands.”

At the protest in addition to Mr. Cicic, other speakers where:

  1. Prof. Dr. Aleksandar Trbovic, University of Belgrade, faculty of Medicine
  2. Prof. Dr. Miladin Sevarlic faculty of Agriculture
  3. Milica Vojnovic-Markovic, Committee for Environmental protection, National Assembly republic of Serbia
List of organisations and social groups that participated and supported the protest “Serbia without GMO”

Alliance for collective good, Tree of Life, Healthy Earth, civil initiative for Serbia without GMO, organisation Bio development, Eco movement Novi Sad, movement “in the spirit of time”, Etnoforum Svrljig, movement “everyone to the country”, Serbian ecology centre, organisation for biodynamic agriculture, alliance of bee organisations of Serbia, Bioinvest organisation, organic Serbia foundation, Biodinamika foundation, National association for organic agriculture “Serbia Organica”, Ecological society of agricultural tourism and rural development Pivnice, Horizon- organisation for communication between man and nature, Association in rememberance of the Holocaust, Association of agricultural engineers and technicians of Serbia, citizens have the power, Ecological movement of Nis, Terra’s, PNAS and union for ecological agriculture ekoplus.