Tree of Life organisation cleans Belgrades parks - Activities

Tree of Life organisation cleans Belgrades parks
The “Tree of Life” organisation together with its friends and supporters of nature organised a spring cleaning of Hajd park, in the intent to raise public awareness and the importance of co existence and appreciation with ones surroundings and nature.

The initiation of this action was manifested during the charity event organised while celebrating “Earth day” at the “Lorca Design House concept where necessary means where raised in cleaning and maintaining the parks of Belgrade, in celebration and harmony honouring the great Earth Mother.

Besides organising the cleaning and maintenance of Hajd park and the House of flowers complex, the events feature attraction was the honourable presence of Jhoel Latorre Valenza, spiritual leader from Peru who held a ceremony in honouring and grace of Mother Earth and its plant and animal worlds.


On our mission of cleaning the parks we replenished our direct contact with Mother Nature, something that has been thoroughly neglected throughout the urban society. Stating the fact that the more urban the society the greater the void is with nature. With all of our vast developments, technological achievements and science discoveries we have distances ourselves from the true source of life which is right in front of us in the form of Mother Nature.