Charity evening at Lorca Design House - Activities

Charity evening at Lorca Design House

On the eve of the “World Earth day” in the newly opened concept “Lorca Design House” Elena Karaman and the “Tree of Life” organisation catered a charity event focused on raising funds to clean up and restore Belgrades abandoned parks. Numerous supporters of “earth protectors” gathered in the “Mandala” restaurant, known for its organic vegan-vegetarian cuisine, farm to table concept from its own organic Anahata farm.

The intent of the evening was to jointly raise collective awareness and consciousness towards Mother Nature in creating a healthier and greater environment, while acting respectfully to the Source of life, the great goddess Gaia and our divine connection to it all uniting us as one.

The mission of the “Tree of Life” foundation is constantly present in our daily lives which has shown in our battle to maintain the current legislation in Serbia in where it is forbidden to cultivate, trade and transport GMO ’s. With small accomplishments guided with love and caring for our environment we raise our collective consciousness for the greater good.

Today we can proudly say that with waves of changes we have sowed the seeds of our mission, nurturing and education while honouring Earth Mother and will continue in this spirit.