Winter Solstice - Activities

On December 21st at Lorca Design House, Elena Karaman Karic led an evening filled with light and love for her honourable guests, ‘light workers” who all gathered to celebrate the holiest of all celebrations, the Winter Solstice, united raising the universal frequency.. With the winter solstice we in harmony celebrate the rebirth of the Sun. All ancient civilisations considered that at this point the Sun is at its southernmost point with the days being at its shortest. With this ritual we revert the course of the Sun and honour  its movement higher in the sky, showing its rebirth. Mother Nature educates us through its existence about the circle of life and death. Life continuously lives on in a form of a circle of life  and that all beings only transform from one form to another, instead of the modern religions definition of death. Being in tune with Mother Nature we follow its path.

The celebrations commenced with a guarding meditation connecting us to the light grid of Mother Earth and the Universe  this sacred moment evolved into a celebration filled with feasting, music, dance and above all light and fire.
Rebirth and renewal ,it is a time to spread love and celebrate with our community of family and friends enriched with great symbolism, power and magic.

The birth of light into the time of greatest darkness.