Man is deeply connected with nature and its elements. We cannot sustain life without elements such as water or air, although very often we tend to forget that we are derived from nature, that we are a part of it, and that this is the only way we can survive. Only through a harmonious relationship with nature may we also be in harmony with ourselves. It is important that we learn how to connect with elements from nature, even in urban areas. We would be able to create towns in harmony with nature if the majority of people would change their relationship with those elements. This would essentially require the change of an existing mind-set and an abandonment of the principles and foundation of our current society - EXPLOITATION

Balans je suština svega. Balance is an essence. The whole nature strives for balance. Our body seeks it. The quality and purity of our internal ecology will determine our overall health. Ph factor, denoting acid and base relation, has an impact on everything, ranging from cancer cells, healthy cells, ocean life, etc. Ph in our body ranges from 0-14. Our cells are happy and healthy when they live in mildly base environment (ph between 7.365-7.45). 7 is neutral on ph scale. Our body becomes more acid when ph drops below 7 and more base when it is over 7. Cells, in our body and in the nature around us, reach their peak when living in mildly base environment. It’s all about balance, as in all health wise barometers

Aristotle’s ‘golden mean’ theory speaks about a wise man looking for measure in everything, a golden mean. Only an insane man falls into one extreme or another, too little or too much.

The standard nutrition system is mainly based on predominantly ‘acid’ ingredients such as milk, meat, sugar, and processed food. Striving to reach the balance, our body takes minerals from our bones, teeth, tissues, and organs in order to neutralise acidity. This process leads to osteoporosis as well as other health issues. The same happens with the environment. Water in the oceans is becoming more and more ph acid due to excessive pollution of the planet. In order to preserve balance and regain base environment, nature draws from animals. Hence, today many species are endangered and dying out, all due to this imbalance.

Zato konzumirajte One should therefore consume more base based foods, such as cabbage andgreen vegetables to help your body keep the balance.
Nutrition…for example, what we eat, drink, think, do, and say will define our health, destiny and even destiny of future generations. We should be aware of our own choices!