When looking at people, I often times wonder how they conduct their own internal dialogue. One pertaining to their most intimate and important needs.

Do they question their stream of consciousness and thoughts?

Does this internal conversation with oneself come down to questioning needs related exclusively to the outside world or is there an interest expressed in oneself? Essential interest…quest for answers: Who am I, what do I strive for, what is my purpose, what makes me happy?

Every human being is creative,but there are those who managed to channel their creativity and those who stifled it, leaving it unused, creating issues inside them, like an inflamed tooth that wants to get out, or a time bomb ready to explode. 

I often hear about people’s perception of impossibilities. People sometimes use obstacles as on a crutch despite having healthy legs. It is normal that our muscles will atrophy in time and become defective when they are not utilised. Hiding behind thousands of reasons why they cannot do something, they fail to realise that just one reason is sufficient to make things happen.
We are at this level of existence, on this planet, and part of this life, with a main purpose which is to be happy.

The amount of happiness in our lives is a matter of choice, happiness is a mental state of mind and attitude! It stems from respecting what we have rather than agonising over what we don’t have. Hence, our destiny is not defined by events in our lives, but it is a logical consequence of our attitude towards those events.

My life has changed since I have realised this and started applying it in my everyday life! THERE IS NO PATH TO HAPPINESS, HAPPINESS IS THE PATH!