Dear friends,

I have received many e-mails asking me how to start, what the first step is towards the wellbeing and enhancement of nutrition habits, what to stick to. You ask me how I started. First and the simplest way is to take out sugar and all processed food (cans, hams, bottled juices, fizzy drinks, mayonnaise, ketchup, etc.). They not only contain preservatives, out of which many are carcinogenic, but also huge quantities of sugar. Sugar is nowadays put into everything. Why? Due to simple reason, it leads to addiction. Sugar is a big enemy to our health.

When sugar enters the blood, your body realises insulin to decrease lever of sugar in blood. Insulin is a hormone that reduces glucoses, but is also sends a message to your sells: GROW. This is fantastic for your healthy cells, but definitely not for carcinogenic cells.

Let’s see what sugar does to our immune system. Neutrophils are type of white blood cells that ‘devour’ any intruder in your body (viruses, bacteria, cancer, etc.). They need Vitamin C for doing so (thanks Linus Pauling for this discovery). Unfortunately, if a lot of sugar is around, it will fight with Vitamin C to enter a white bloods cell. More sugar implies less space for Vitamin C in it. Hence its ability to destroy intruders is weakened. We therefore tend to say that sugar depresses our immune system by feeding bad things in our body

And you take sugar on daily basis much more often that you are aware of. Sugar is in milk, bread, and everything listed above that you should avoid: hams, mayonnaise, ketchup, even in sushi. There are fantastic replacements for processed (white) sugar such as Agave syrup, maple syrup, palm sugar and rice syrup…however, one should be cautious, even when it is not processed, sugar should be carefully consumed. All fruits contain fructose, some more, some less. So much about sugar so far.

One should also avoid white flour, white rice and replaced them with integral.

White salt is next on NO list. I have replaced it with the Himalayan salt long time ago, which is extremely beneficial and contains over 20 minerals. We will talk about it some other time in future Nota Bene.

And finally I wrote about the balance and the Golden mean theory in my previous article. I really do believe that balance, i.e. measure is an essence of wisdom of not only healthy nutrition but spirituality, survival of nature and human happiness as well. Here is a little guide to how to find a measure and establish balance through ingredients.