Even though genetics are an important factor that determines the quality of hair, there is a list of equally important elements. An adequate intake of nutrients, minerals and vitamins can enhance the health of hair. Here are some suggestions and natural remedies.

Vitamin C for more collagen
Collagen that coats the hair strands disappears with time, so hair becomes brittle. One of the better ways to counteract this is to increase the intake of vitamin C. With as little as 250mg per day, you can increase the production of collagen. You can opt for capsules, or even better, for more fruits and vegetables, such as strawberries and peppers.

Good Biotin
The vitamin B complex, biotin, is phenomenal for the health of the hair and scalp.
Nuts, brown rice and oats are an excellent source.

Vitamin E for resilience
Counteract breakage and revitalise damaged hair with vitamin E. It aids in keratin production and you can consume it through sunflower seeds, almonds, pine nut seeds, prunes, spinach, and olives.

Rosemary for circulation
Essential rosemary oil aids circulation of the scalp. Add some to your shampoo, or for a tough treatment, combine it with palm oil, applying before washing.

Essential fatty acids
Crucial for your body and your hair, they must be ingested because the body does not produce them on its own. Walnuts, flaxseed, fish and avocado are good sources.

Iron strength
Important for hair growth, iron is found in molasses, green leafy vegetables, leeks, dry fruit, cashews, figs and berries. Take vitamin C, along with iron, for better absorption.

Even more keratin …
Methylsulphonilmethane strengthens the follicle and aids in keratin generation. Added to food, MSM guarantees decreased hair loss, and enhances its growth. Go for swiss chard, cabbage, and watercress in raw form, or cooked asparagus and radish.

… and even more minerals
Silicium dioxide and zinc are essential for healthy hair. Cucumbers, mango, beans, celery, asparagus and leafy greens are good sources of silicium dioxide. For zinc, eat more pumpkin seeds, Brazilian nuts, eggs and pecans.

Thyroid gland
Hypothyroidism, or the impaired function of the thyroid gland, can lead to hair loss. Seaweed such as nori, dulse, combu and wakame are rich in iodine, and aid in the renewal of balance. Avoid unfiltered water with chlorine and fluoride, and try the extract of Fucus vesiculosus.

B complex vitamins
Biotene and B6 counteract hair loss by promoting scalp circulation and renewing follicles.

For gentlemen
Extract if the palm Serenoa repens, according to some studies, promotes hair growth in men. Women can also use this traditional remedy.