Food containing genetically modified ingredients has been ambushed where least expected - in products with labels of our favourite brands. We would like to present you with a list as a good ‘food for thought’ next time you go shopping.

‘Control oil and you control nations. Control food and you control the people’. Henry Kissinger said this thirty years ago and he was obviously right. Influence of food on people’s health and thus quality of their life has been reiterated by many studies

Research results
Results stemming from the French research published in the magazine Food and Chemical Toxicology in September, 2012 have been very disturbing, claiming that genetically modified corn may cause tumours and shorten lifespan. A two-year study on rats has proven that lethality among animals fed by GMO was twice higher and the danger of kidney and liver diseases up to five times. This research is significant since it lasted longer than any other previous study, for example, a three-month study claiming that GMO foods do no harm to our health.

What does this all mean for people? There are noticeably increasing number of cancers, allergies and other diseases caused by poor functioning of the immune system. It is very likely that this is closely related to genetically modified nutrition, taking the above mentioned research into consideration.

While, on one hand, we all have to fight for general ban on GMO, as aware and well-informed individuals, and on the other, we have to take care of our personal selves individually .

Useful list
While we are waiting for the ban on GMO in Serbia to be adopted, we should be careful about the list of brands that may contain some GMOs. Study it carefully and think twice next time when you go shopping. Unfortunately, you will find some of your favourite brands here and the list is a shocking one, keeping in mind that these are all very popular products. GMO ingredients do not have to be listed on labels. When it comes to domestic products, this survey has yet to come.