We know that our nutrition concept greatly influences our health. Still, there is one effect that is far more important and potent, and which dictates and rules our lives. It is the effect of our thoughts.

Medical students spend only 15 minutes of their entire academic career thinking about the PLACEBO EFFECT. The Placebo Effect is the fact that thoughts can change the state of our health! And not only health, they can change events and define our entire existence. In other words, if you believe that the medicine you took is magical and that it will help you, then in many cases it will help you. According to Bruce H. Lipton (Ph.D and author), 1/3 of all medical effects are the result of the Placebo Effect.

The placebo effect is when you have positive thoughts that lead to healing. What is not spoken about so much in books and media is the NOCEBO Effect. It is the same as placebo, but in the opposite direction, when thoughts are of a negative nature. The negative thought is as powerful as the positive to such an extent that the NOCEBO effect can make you ill by using the same mechanism as the PLACEBO, which can heal you.
Psychologists say that 70% of thoughts that ordinary people have are negative! So every day, 70% of our thoughts take away our health and diminish the quality of life. 
Traditional medicine is not an interest-free avenue in which research and inventions are executed - it is controlled by money and is under great influence from the pharmaceutical industry, which keeps us away from research and attitudes about healing which do not involve drugs. If we begin to understand and apply the power of thoughts in our healing process, it tampers with their income! It is certainly not in the interest of the pharmaceutical industry to support healing with free energy.

This is the reason why we haven’t had scientific and research coverage in those methods of healing, except for the ten or so minutes of study regarding the placebo effect.
In order to understand the way in which positive thoughts can have an effect on us, we need to understand the difference between the conscious and subconscious mind. On a daily basis, the subconscious rules our biology 95 to 99% of the time!

So the thoughts you are aware of, produced by the conscious mind, are not nearly as important as the subconscious thoughts; which are running the show backstage, majorly influencing our health.

The programming that we possess are the source of problems many of us face. This programming can limit our capabilities and take away our power.

Positive thinking is a creative approach that comes from our conscious mind. Now imagine we are sitting, creating all these wonderful thoughts about our health or fantastic relationships. These thoughts actually come from our conscious mind, the little processor that makes up only 5% of the creation of our health and compete with our subconscious programs. The subconscious consisting of the 95% that actually play the most important role in the outcome of our health…

So, if you have a thought about how you are healthy, or that you are in a great relationship, and you constantly develop that thought, but simultaneously have previous programming in your subconscious; for example, that you are not as healthy as you are telling yourself, or you are not good enough or worthy of a good relationship, there is a conflict/contradiction of the positive thoughts and negative ones.

The programming embedded in our subconscious is the source of problems that many of us are facing. Therefore, our subconscious has to have all the programming and agreements as our conscious mind, in order for the power of the positive thinking to have effect.

The programs in our subconscious are the ones that we received from other people during our development since childhood and if, in our lives, we behave according to those accepted value systems and programs written in our subconscious, we thereby behave according to attitudes that do not support the essence of who we are, and what we really want to be. Only our subconscious can lead us to the life that we desire to have, to our own vibration, and an existence that is in sync with our true needs.

How do we influence it? Firstly, pay attention to it. Listen to yourself…to your thoughts that come to you as you wait in line or at the traffic light. Are they telling you, “I’m not that lucky for it to happen to me, I am not his/her type, I have to go through so much difficulty so I could never manage?”

The first step towards taking control over your own life is listening and recognising those thoughts that come from the subconscious and from imposed value systems and beliefs. When you begin listening to them, the first thing that you will realise is, “Oh my God, of course my life isn’t nice!” The subconscious is the driver until we take over the wheel. It is only when we are aware of those thoughts that we can say, “ DO NOT WANT THAT THOUGHT, I don’t want my life to be like that!” When we do that, our conscious mind can jump in and take over the steering wheel, and drive our life in the desired direction. Only then do we have the power to change and control our own health and life.

Take your fortune into your own hands…