A Sin For Skin: Foods That Cause Breakouts - Blog

There's no doubt that we all want healthy glowing skin! Our face is the first thing people see and our initial physical presentation to the world. As we all know, when our skin is not healthy, we not only suffer from pain, irritation, unattractive pimples, and infections, but our self esteem can suffer to. Skin problems exude unhealthiness and often times, it's a direct result of our lifestyle. Of course there are hormonal imbalances that can trigger breakouts, but more so, our diet is the driving force behind acne prone skin and can sometimes be the cause of the hormonal imbalance in the first place!

Your diet can literally "make or break" your complexion! Just take a look at these foods which scientists and other professionals claim can trigger acne, breakouts, or dullness of the skin.

"Let's talk about food baby"

Sugar is a massive culprit! "Stay away from the sugar, Sugar! You're already sweet enough." Or however that saying goes. But you won't feel so sweet once you consume this unhealthy ingredient. We live in a time where sugar can be completely eliminated from our diets. There are an unbelievable amount of replacements for sugar. So don't torture yourself any longer. It's ok to crave a sweet-treat here and there, but instead of sugar, try some organic agave nectar, or some organic coconut sugar, to decrease your chances of acne. Cutting out the processed sugar is also low for decreasing wrinkles, and to that, I say, AMEN!

The next one is probably quite obvious but, consuming unsaturated fat clogs the pores. Margarine is NOT your friend, nor is canola or soybean oil. Vegetable oils altogether should be eliminated from this world. Seriously, foods fried in vegetable oils, including and especially fast foods are literally your skin's enemy. It clogs the pores and dulls your radiant glow. You might want to try some alternatives that actually taste way better anyway while nourishing your body. You have all kinds of options, like organic butter- yes, organic butter is really ok for the skin! You can also eat delicious skin treats such as grape seed oil and coconut oil. I know you're probably thinking, "Ok, let's not get crazy now!" But honestly, coconut oil might sound unusual as a replacement at first, but you can literally use this anywhere on your body, including consumption, so go ahead and mix some into your sweet potatoes (along with some nutmeg) and I have a feeling you'll be thanking me later. And if your skin could talk, it might personally thank me too!

I don't know about you, but I adore Sushi. Can't. Get. Enough. But guess what, you have to get all the white rice in check darling, because those kind of carbs can really make your skin quite irritable. So while I would never recommend eliminating Sushi, (for the love of God, don't ever take away my Sushi!) maybe try some sashimi or if that's too weird or boring for you, there are options like Nori (edible seaweed) rolls, with avocado and your favourite raw fish. This combo will satisfy your sushi craving and also be a power-packed nutritious gift for your skin. There are ways to skip the carbs if you don't want to disturb your precious skin, you just have to get a little creative!

Speaking of carbs, pasta is even worse than white rice. Refined white flour raises our insulin levels due to to it's high glycemic index, which disturbed out hormones. So pasta, white bread, and cereal and all acne producing culprits, imbalancing more than just the skin, but that will be another blog. For now, being that the topic is your skin, take note that this is one sin you don't want to begin...or continue. And more than that, you have a wide variety of replacements for white flour, like quinoa, barley, spelt, buckwheat, and almond flour. That's a lot of options! So dump the junk and save your gorgeous face!

As you know, pesticides and chemicals will never do a body good. Since your skin is your largest organ, eating anything processed or non-organic puts your skin, and over-all health, at risk. If you have to ask, "What's in there?" you probably should not be eating it. Buy organic WHENEVER you can. You may not make the full switch overnight but starting is key. Imagine half the amount of pesticides in your body disappearing. Even THAT would make a difference. Imagine all of it gone. Now that would be a perfect world of purity in your body!

I think the biggest sin for skin is not paying attention to how you're treating it. What we eat ultimately effects our hormonal balance, our PH, our stress levels in some cases, and our energy, which are all connected to the health and appearance of our skin. So go ahead and glow!!!