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Are you a person who thinks about the words you say? Maybe you've heard others constantly putting themselves down or have found yourself doing it as well. We are all complex humans with various emotions, therefore, we all have moments of self-doubt and low self-esteem, at some point or another. But catching ourselves is key, because if we can become aware of our behaviours, we can find the tools to change them.

I remember a time where I found myself questioning why I was in a sudden disconnect with so many people around me. I questioned myself...have I done something wrong? Have I changed and become un-relatable to the people I was once closest to? Well, I had changed and evolved but that's for another blog. But the point here is the self criticism, self-doubt, and self-depreciating attitude I had towards myself was bringing me down. I found myself isolated and even a bit depressed. As a person who is quite used to researching things, I began to find ways to change my thoughts because they simply didn't make me feel good. The thoughts had no purpose and served me in absolutely no way.

That's when I discovered the power of the things we say, to others, to ourselves, and what we believe about ourselves or surroundings. Even when we tell ourselves something, we have words in mind that are associated with emotions. I'm good, or bad, I'm happy, I am smart, I am stupid, I'm successful, I hate my job, I love my job, and so on. You get the point.

So I started telling myself everyday through affirmations, "I am meeting more and more like-minded people." "I am appreciated by those around me." Things like this. And within a month, it started happening. It was like I had opened a portal where like- minded people who understood the types of things I talked about and believed in were coming my way. It was WONDERFUL.

Words carry energy and vibrations that feed our reality. Negative speech is self- sabotoging. We can concur our self-doubt by using positive affirmations. Repeating negative or positive words about ourselves or our situation can literally create what you are focusing on.

So let's take a look at how you can start using the most positive language possible for you to prosper. You can start with identifying what you feel and what you would like to change. For each negative thought, replace it with a positive one and make sure it is in present tense. Then, make sure you stick with it! You will have to repeat these affirmations many times a day, especially when those ugly, negative thoughts come creeping up on your brain.

It is also important to note, that affirmations are more effective when they're said with thought or emotions. Visualization can assist in helping your affirmations to come to

fruition as well, so don't forget to imagine what that affirmation "looks" like in your new and improved reality!

Let me give you a head start: You are intelligent
You're calm and collected You're kind and loveable You're internally powerful You live in abundance

Good things are coming your way
GO YOU! You can do this! YOU, ROCKSTAR, YOU....