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Each one of us have our very own personal goals we set and strive to reach. Quitting unhealthy habits, weight loss, being more active, increasing our mental focus, better sleep patterns, deeper sleep, stress relief, and meditation practices are just a few examples of the wide range of goals some of us have.

At times, we may find ourselves trying and trying but falling into the same old patterns which we are trying to change. And let's be honest, sometimes, we need some assistance and that's totally ok! Its not easy changing lifestyles, especially since most of our habits stem from our subconscious mind (that's not to say that it is difficult for EVERYONE) but more than not, it can be tough. Going through some of my own personal struggles, I have found "helpers" in achieving my goals, ESPECIALLY when it comes to getting enough restful sleep or learning how to really let go during meditation. This particular helper is something that is really easy to use, is accessible, is cost free, and is not as "new age" as you may think.

Binaural beats have the ability to synchronize brainwaves and have been used in various ways throughout history. In places like Tibet, monks used binaural beats as a tool in accelarating the process of reaching meditative states by using instruments. These days we have so much technology that can produce the beats easily, and it's as simple as finding the appropriate "wave frequency" for what you're striving to accomplish. Binaural beats are basically a form of periodic auditory stimuli which produce what is called, "The Frequency Following Response."

I'll try not to get to scientific on you here so let me explain. Basically, the response (your emotions) are effected by the Hz (Hertz) of the waves. It is most effective using headphones since you receive different beats in each ear simultaneously. But in order to choose your frequency, you must know your goals, and which frequencies (Hertz) can be effective for the specific mental state you are looking to reach. Here are some simple guidelines you can follow:

40 Hz: Gamma Waves. Associated with consciousness, problem solving, acute focus, higher mental activity, and higher perception

13-40 Hz: Beta Waves. Associated with planning and working, active, busy, or active thinking, concentration, arousal, cognition.

7-13 Hz: Alpha Waves. Associated with mental wakeful relaxation, pleasant relaxing activities, walking for leisure, daydreaming, breathing exercises, pre-sleep, pre-wake.

4-7 Hz: Theta Waves. REM sleep, dreams, lucid dreaming, deep meditation.
4 Hz: Delta Waves. Deep dreamless sleep, loss of bodily awareness, advanced meditation.

Using these guidelines, you can decide which binaural beats are best for you and your ambitions. Having used this personally for sleep issues, I can say that along with assisting me with a more restful deep sleep, I also experienced an increase in insightful dreams and intuition. I have used it as well for decreasing anxiety, worry, and overall relaxation. I high recommend it and I look forward to seeing it become a bigger part of our world. It is natural, safe, and helpful!

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